Thursday, 14 October 2010

Winter Tomatoes

Winters fast approaching and UK Tomatoes are all but finished. So where do your tomatoes come from for the winter period?
Well the main country we import Tomatoes from in the winter is Spain, but North Africa & Morocco in particular is becoming more popular with the UK retailers & consumers. Moroccan tomato growers are mainly managed by French companies.
I spent 4 days visiting Moroccan tomato growers exploring how they compared to our Spanish growers & was impressed at the quality and varieties they where growing and can say that they were comparable to Spanish tomatoes. The only disadvantage is an extra 12-24 hours in the supply chain. I feel we will see increased volumes of Moroccan tomatoes over the coming years especially Plum, Cherry and Vine tomatoes.

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  1. Hi Jeff
    Great blog love the guy on stilts, that would never be allowed in the UK "Health & Safety"