Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Support UK Apple Growers

Support UK Apple Growers

"No fruit is more to our English taste than the Apple. Let the Frenchman have his Pear, the Italian his Fig, the Jamaican may retain his farinaceous Banana, and the Malay his Durian, but for us the Apple"   Edward Bunyard

Apples are the second most popular fruit in the UK just behind the banana, and each year we consume roughly 680 thousand tonnes of them. Of this only 34% are UK apples!

The wonderful diversity of English apples is giving way to the bland uniformity of the ubiquitous Golden Delicious or Granny Smith from, Southern France, Spain, Chile, South Africa or Washington, USA.

But in my opinion nothing can compare with a home-grown Cox, or Ribston's Pippin, or the classic Victorian Adam's Pearmain apple with it’s nutty sweet flavour eaten straight off the tree. Spain, Washington and Southern France are too warm ...England has the ideal climate, the correct length of season, the best climate for storage, and the best mix of varieties to last from summer until the following spring.


Eat UK Apples.

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