Saturday, 16 October 2010

Restaurant Review

Puccini’s Swinton, Manchester:

‘Puccini’s never disappoints’, – This ‘very genuine & friendly Italian’ gem has been a favourite with ‘discerning local foodies & football stars alike Gray Neville & Ryan Giggs even have pasta dish’s named after them’. Much of Puccini’s success is down to the ‘blessed presence’ of proprietor Michele Pucci and his friendly staff that know their way around the menu, & are happy to give chapter & verse on the ingredients. Pasta is always a good shout – Fettuccine Raimondo, noodles with egg yolk, mushrooms & ham in a tomato & cream sauce. Or try the Risotto Alla Fiorentina, rice sautéed with fresh peppers, onions, ham & tomato sauce are great choices as is the entire menu.  The Italian wine list, rich in glass & carafe choices, is a great accompaniment to the fabulous food and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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  1. Puccini's is ny favorite italian in the Northwest. Being a Man United fan I was over the moon when Gary Neville was at the next table, The walls are covered in football related stuff. Ho the food is good too!!!!